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Security & Privacy it matters. We use advanced security provide by Google Cloud for preventing DDos &Phishing Attacks.

Making our place a better spot for data privacy.


Payment Engine which helps in payment and banking providers make their work easy & secure.

CDN at its peak speed for data delivery, visualzation and capture users traction.


Dedicated servers for managing heavy traffic and Loophole feature for unwanted and fake traffic detection.

Link-key is a 4-level security function for accessing data access and editing its content.

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AI, The future tech We adapt it creating, Responsible & Accessible AI for Everyone.

Payment Engine
OpenCode AI is developing a payment engine which on artificial nueral network for customer, business data visualzation and gathering users traction.
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Web Layer
Security first & Second which helps in making payments securely and usage of social network become more safe on any device/OS .
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